Friday, 13 May 2011

stranded and vicious vagabond

Actually I got not much to say, it's just a simple overall outfit with a tendency to make me kinda like a lost unsophisticated free-living guy in the middle of the forest (oh how I wish it WAS a real forest that the mosquitos and the mud then be paid off, gees). I hope this first look be hyped more and more cos definitely I need the karma to get rid of the filter (:

What I wore for this look were:
1. V-neck grey shirt from Zara
2. Navy blue jeans from Lee Copper
3. The ring and key necklaces were DIY-ed by me :3
4. The tribal brown bracelets are from random shops
And actually the shoes are out of count, cos I didn't even mean to wear it LOL

I love doing DIY and obviously wearing them, so my first DIY is these necklaces, and I'm currently having another DIY project that I hope I can take a photo of a new look this weekend.

I dunno what else to write, I wish I could write more about clothes and fashion. Well, I'm learning dude! :D

currently listening to: You're Not Stubborn -Two Door Cinema Club ♪
♬You know it all could be much easier. But I'm still travelling, I'm still travelling♬

Wish you all having a great weekend starting tomorrow. Cheerio! :)


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