Sunday, 3 June 2012

old pal and a new family

One day, we’ll meet at an underground subway, if not a Mono Rail Train Station.
You’ll wave me first as you always do then I’ll smile as gently as I could. Everything’s not a cliché.
I can’t lie that I need you to pretend we’re in love again.

Do you remember that phrase? Indeed, it was a part of “A Love Lullaby” which was written for Sonia Kristina Tedjokusumo. A few days ago, I was so flattered to have the chance to see her again.

She has not changed that much. Except for being a little bit ignorance than before ever since she got her first (hopefully last) boyfriend haha but it’s ok, it’s a normal phase everybody experiences after being in a relationship. I’m always happy for her though (:

She’s still the bestest bestie of mine and she will always be.

As I have her in my life, I  am always reminded that I don’t need a lover to love and to be loved. So hopeless romantic people, please open your eyes. See that there are loveable persons around you, your pals, your families, your colleagues, your school mates, your band mates, and even strangers.

Yesterday, precisely at the weekend, I visited ORE for the second time of my life bringing some pals along. I was in the need of a pair of sneakers and my buddy had always been craving for a dreamcatcher necklace. 

Well, I didn’t manage to bring a pair of shoes from there & my friend didn’t find her necklace. My mistake, pal, I thought I’d seen the necklace when I was there for the first time with a group called Sby Vogue.

Speaking of which, have you guys ever heard of it (Sby Vogue)?

Indeed, it is a group of Surabayan fashionable people and bloggers. To be spesific, it is a new family I have.

Tho the other familiy members might have written or posted about this group, I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have this new family. As if it’s necessary, let me tell you that this group is the only group I have in my BlackBerry Messenger and I have finally upgraded my BlackBerry Messenger to the new version for the sake of being able to connect with the group.

For your additional information, I usually rejected all group invitations. I even didn’t join groups of ex-classes from high school. It is because I want my BlackBerry to stay fast and not energy-consuming. Sooooo, you’re a privilege, guys! LOL

And this week we’re meeting again. I’m dying for 8th of June to see you guys!

By the way, I am ordering a pair of Doctor Martens really really soon. Particularly, the Saxon 939 here. I always wonder, is it better (cheaper, safer, & faster) to buy it directly from the official online store, or should I buy it through e-bay or such?


  1. Such a great post! Me likey :)

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    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  2. We all can't wait for 8th June Jo!

    Dr Martens' : safer, not fast enough since it originated on US and a lot more expensive because the shipping fee and if you count it in with pre-pay duties and taxes..
    e-Bay's : I don't know much but their stuff are a lot more cheaper about 30%-50%..

    1. Once I ordered a WeSC headphone via e-bay, it was in its normal price, & took around 2 months. sigh, poor city we're living in, no?

  3. Having an opposite-sex best friend is one of the greatest things in our life. They will understand us better, care about us more, and anything else that we could have between best friends and girlfriend/boyfriend.

    congrats for ur "new family"! Can't wait to see what will you guys do soon (collaborate or something) :)

  4. wow. good to see you both still friends :)

    I do agree, we don't need a lover to be loved. friends and family are too many already :D,

  5. Congrats to your bestie! Just enjoy your singlehood and savor every moment of it! ヅ

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  6. It's good to see you with your new family :) I'm a hopeless romantic, but there are people I love with all my heart, in a non-romantic way. It's a shame there's only one person I can do it with though.

  7. Congrats for you and your new family..
    I can tell you're having so much fun with your new family.. :)

    Anyway about Dr. Marten, I think you should check your local distributor bcoz I have ordered a pair of Doc Mart last year from the official site, but then after they arrived, I have to face the tax process which was so annoying and because it took such a long time process and also extra bucks.. And a month later my friend told me to check a locat that sell auth DocMart and what a shocked when I found out that they sold them for cheaper price and they also have pre-order program if they don't hv the stock..

    If you have a plan to visit Bandung anytime soon, I think you should check some shoes shop at Punawarman street..

    Hope it helps :)

    1. Your experience REALLY helps, Sir, thanks before (: (: (:
      Now I'm thinking that I should ask a help from my friend living in the States. I'd probably order from the official store giving my friend's address instead of mine then ask him to bring them here.

      I'll try someday when I get the chance to be in Bandung! That place seems to be the best offer. Thank you so much again.

  8. thanks for your comment, what a sweet message


  9. I also have an opposite-sex friend who's very close. It's good having friends like them, friendship can be very romantic in a very sweet yet friendly way.
    and CAN"T WAIT FOR THE 8th, we'll party till we see the sunlight ahaha, lol no jk I'm 15

  10. gratz on the new familly and i wish you the best of luck!

  11. pretty girlfriend you have!
    stay rockkkkkk our world! -SbyVogue

  12. nice


  14. Aww the relationship between you and your friend sounds so sweet~ ^_^

    Love from the NaNa girls xoxo

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  16. Augh never buy from ebay if you can help it.

    I was about to say that I a guy and a girl can never be just best friends. One's bound to fall in love sometime. But then again I remember how I scorn this naive thinking of mine.