Wednesday, 25 December 2013

independence day

Jingles and tingles give their hugs
Stars are within reach

Earth is superlative, life is paradisiac
When heaven comes down, it does

Look above, there lies the sky
Look inside, there stays everything beyond

Joy to the world
We're freed from sins and religions

Sins are man made
Religions are properties of the societies

Bibles are written
Words are spoken

Histories are twisted
Lies are told

One sacrificed everything
The birth of an idea

Love is committed
Mankind is unrestrained

"Unrestrained" - Joshua Tjandra
Photograph by sandulay


  1. Yes we're at the same age, now we're over 20s.. hahaha

    nice writings Jo, I love this poems. ..sins are man made religions are properties of the societies.. this is my favorite part.

    How's your Christmas?

  2. Hope you had a blessed Christmas :)

  3. I love this photos :) Nice poem :)
    ❄I follow you. Follow back? ❄
    (I always follow back)

  4. Merry Christmas Jo.

    Such a beautiful poems. "Religion is a property of societies" indeed. You should post more often!


  5. Awesome post jo.
    Loving the photo
    Loving every words you wrote.

    How are you?