Monday, 3 March 2014

Paul McCartney's "My Valentine" Cover

Sir Paul is not young anymore and you know how old people sing--unless he's Mick Jagger or Steven Tyler. Without remembering his old melodic singing in his old Liverpool band, his singing in 2011's track "My Valentine" should not be enough to only be defined as listenable. He proves once again that his voice is a perfect outcome of a combination between a ballad gentleman and a rough rock vocalist...perhaps a little less of the latter on this track.

Well, I'm not a pitch singer, yet. To claim that one can sing without hitting the right (not mentioning perfect) pitch is absolutely a stupid daydream (step aside Bob Dylan). Without much begging, I just wish you could enjoy this cover which was actually intended as a bouquet to my loved one. Have a great day!

Original track by: Paul McCartney; Eric Clapton (2011)
Vocal cover: Joshua Tjandra
Music cover's source is unknown; it is used without copyright infringement intended