owner & his freedom

The title of this blog, freedom & its owner, is taken from one of Kings Of Convenience's songs preceding this blog with the same title, except for the "And".
The owner of this blog is an occasional blogger.
It thus means that you would not rather want to expect routine daily posts.
Nevertheless, you can subscribe to this blog for free by entering your e-mail address on the left column and you will get an instant notification once a new post is published.

The owner of this blog would foremost display posts of his literature writings, his share of views about maturehoodness and childhoodness of everything in universe and beyond, his musical aspiration, and his style in outfits.
Everything else and anything in between shall be in bandwidth with the coming posts.
I hope I'd see you around with a flowery beam and a whole peaceful being.

If you have any inquiry, please do send me a porn letter addressing simplyjochris@yahoo.com

Nobody suffers a blank blue sky, Darling. You can put anything on it upside down.

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