Saturday, 27 August 2011


Antimony is an unbreakable creature
Whilst you sit on the edge of the tree of life
Butterflies of the stomach will eventually come out
Roses and lilies spun around your head

That heart of ice, the freezing melody of Oslo after you
And that sun of Rome is chasing its motion before you

Night time supplies Owls, then they dance vigorously as the sight of you
Brown eyes display the dispatched constellation of the blackest hole, yet they're gorgeous on you

Love might be fantasy, it might be real

But when I see you, I ignore the theories
I just want the rest of my life wasted
Wanting you

The words are cliche, the taste is cheesy, but this sound is echoing

"You're beautiful"
Go get some wings and get to the sun
Then shine on

Beautiful Lore - Joshua Christian


You're such a beautiful freak
I wish there more just like you
You're not like all of the others

Beautiful Freak - Eels

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  1. This is too beautiful. Great writing. :) Nice to meet you.