Sunday, 29 April 2012


Guys, recently my head is struck with a few questions & I find it hard to knock an exact answer down.

Maybe some of my wise blogger friends here can share some of their thoughts, sure?


Society makes us think that greed is so selfish and dark yet dream is so glorious.

If greed means a striving to get what we don't have without knowing when to stop.

And dream also means a quarrel to get what we don't have without stopping.

What's actually the difference between those two?


Everybody dies. There's death after life.

Let's say there's life after death.

Will there be another death afterwards?


We recognize a painting, music, literature etc etc as an art.

And we don't recognize technology as an art.

Don't we realize that both of them are ARTificial?


Do you believe in:

Love by choice or love by coincidence?


  1. The last one:
    I believe in love by choice.

    Coz I also believe there's no such thing as coincidence in this world..

  2. I don't think that I'm wise enough to answer these question. but I -at least- have some opinion about it.
    Q1 : well, in your case, I think it just a different term but they have the same meaning. Greed is the harsh terms and dream is the euphemism.
    Q2 : In my religion, the life after death is immortal.
    Q3 : tech and art huh? I love to work on both. In my opinion, technology is the intermediary of idea and the art itself. I college in IT department and I must say that learn the technology-thing is not same as art (well, so different)
    Q4 : Love by choice or love by coincidence? Indeed sometimes we meet people by coincidence, but when it becomes love, I think there's more about choice. You know, everybody have their own type.


  3. Hey..This is my first visit to your blog....I liked the way it is organized...
    I donno whether am wise or not....Lol :D...but I'll surely share my thoughts on the questions...These questions are sounding interesting to me...

    Question 1....
    Greed??....Greed is craving for more and more and more though you have enough to make you happy....Suppose you are having three apples in your hand....and there is one apple in your friend's hand....If you wish you had even that one apple also....then it is called greed...You are not getting satisfied with what you have now..There should be satisfaction in life if you have enough in your hands to make you happy...there shouldn't be craving...
    he never gets satisfied and happy, if he has greed all the time...
    Coming to dreams....Dreams are wishes you want to fulfill in your life...and they get fulfilled if you strive hard for it.....

    Question 2.....

    According to my religion...Hinduism.....There is a cycle of death and birth.....And this cycle is broken when the human being attains 'Moksha'

    Question 3.....

    According to me......Technology is related to science....And science is all about facts....Arts are concerned with creativity.....and there is not need of 'facts' in this field...So I guess, they both are different...It's just my point of view...

    Question 4....

    I believe in love by choice....Love by coincidence is possible too...But very rarely happens!

  4. Love by choice!
    When i met my husband, no love at first sight happened.
    Instead, we learn to build a friendly relationship until we woke up one day we fell in love.

  5. I'm only answering the last one since I'm not that wise enough for the other questions. hehe! ^_^

    Love by choice :)

  6. I'm way too high for this.

    But "love" is just a chemical reaction in the brain. So it's a bit of both. You indonesians always thinking in absolutes

  7. Life does lead to death and death to life again. It's a cycle of Karma. Read about it. It's interesting :)
    As per love, I don't really know :)