Thursday, 10 May 2012

Adam. First page of revelation.

Joshua Christian

photo was taken by Andre Makmur


He was different. Everybody was different to each other. But he was different different. According to himself, at least.

He believed he was a reincarnation. He simply didn't believe in the blowing idea that people souls were supposed to scatter into other things or persons, yet he was forced to believe that he was someone from the past. He got visions. He was burdened with missions.

Sometimes he realized that visions could only be mere illusion as love always was. Doubt arose not once or twice but almost every nights.

But hey, we've talked about this, right? he always assured himself. He constantly and composedly overcame the torment of faith.

That was hard time for Adam. He thought he had finally mastered the ability to control his mind. He made theories which he had always held tight. They usually worked, but those days they were used against him and his faith.

Dreams and expectations were becoming more venomous. They infect not only his mind but his being as a whole. They gave hope and stole it.

That was hard time, but light still shone and life would always be as paced as it had from time to time been. Days went by.

There came that girl.

It was love all over again. It was that cheesy romance all over again. It was that childhood bias all over again. But who could resist the temptation?

She came like an assassin. She pretended to be an ordinary chic with a bouquet of pinky balloons above her head and  a pair of ballerina shoes covering her ears. That she was in de facto an alchemist, no one knew except Adam. The strongest chemical reaction Adam had ever experienced. The most grievous one.

That was hard time. Days went by.


  1. i dont really know about this ADM whom ur talking with but Im sure he's really weird. Reincarnation?
    I haven't heard of anyone who could have been through that. Well!. lets just say he's telling the truth, that may be the coolest thing ever...   ≧⁰,⁰≦ .. can't blame him. He may be in great confusion right now... Whos this guy anyway???

    Gosh! what am i saying... hahaha
    the music is nice. First time watch the clip. NICE!.

    Just followed yah!..
    hey thanks by the way for visiting my blog. Care to follow back??

  2. Another puzzling piece. Well, memories, they are not genetical, right. They are mental, and If everyone has another life, then the old memories, they were wiped. As if electricity was shut down.
    Hey Jo. Just realised you're also from Surabaya, we have this fashion blogger community on BBM, do you use blackberry, too? If you do, you can email me your pin(, we'd love to have you on the group.

  3. The way you write intrigues me. In a good way though. Haha. :)

  4. It's going to be pretty not fun to reincarnate in a million years when the sun has swallowed the earth whole

  5. thanks for recommendation the Vanilla Twilight. It's so easy-listening.
    well, you write an awesome post dude. as always.. I wonder, does Adam is your own self?
    and btw, I got an award for your blog. Let's check!


  6. i do believe in reincarnation too ;) and whoaaa, the video is amazing and beautiful <3