Sunday, 13 May 2012

crowned generation

Okay, hello. It's May 13 in the evening here.

I really am such a mood-carried person and tonight's mood is quite great. If I could, I would buy you some drink and let's have a table together (:

Just like Adam, I considered myself experiencing a hard time these past days. Yet now, as you can obviously see I've been through that phase. Fellows, sometimes we must understand that it's not life which is harsh, it is US who think it that way.

Well, day always goes by and let's smile everything away.

Some of us might also have realized that mood actually doesn't come and go randomly. If we pull that string inside our head and try to find them out, there must've been some reasons behind our mood-rolling, right?

Well in my case, I've concluded two things. First, I got a very very very great Zara's blazer today and I really am grateful for that. And second, I cut my hair into quite short a few days ago (after taking these photos) and surprisingly it pleases me.

It's quite awkward tho. As I usually use my hair to headbang while singing, now I've nothing in particular lol

I recall it was a bright morning when I and Lucky took these photos. I wore his loafers at the bottom of Lee Cooper's jeans. There were also Zara's tee under (another) Zara's shirt. Lastly I had my self-customized ripped satchel and the tiny crown necklace.


photocredit and shoe-credit: Lucky Arnando

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  1. "let's smile everything away".. nice..

  2. U looks awesome as usual. I think ur hair is not too short, it's properly on u. Yeah, I definitly agree with those words "sometimes we must
    understand that it's not life which is
    harsh, it is US who think it that way"

    Fahmy Haryandi, "The Whisperer"

    1. oops sorry for not mentioning before, I cut my hair after taking these photos. So it is NOW much shorter than the one in the photos (:

  3. Nice outfit! Love your jacket :)

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  4. You are so stylish1 We love your rebel shirt and the denim jacket is just goes stylishly with the shirt. We LOVE!

    Keep inspiring, stylish boy! ;)

    PS: Check out our new trend review on capped-toe shoes! ;)

    MLU the blog.

  5. Nice outfits. Looking you makes me remember my brother. You guys looks similar in a glance. :)

    btw, my hometown is in Jakarta, jo. :)

    i am following you now. Mind to follow back? :)

  6. Cool look. Loving the denim on denim combo :)

    Anna @ FEED ME NANA xoxo

  7. OMG.

    I'm fallin in love with your tee and jacket..

    1000 hypes for them!!
    perfect combo :)

  8. Great!!! :)


  9. you are great and love the t-shirt.

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  11. Yes that's my designs :)
    Love your t-shirt


  12. Jo you looked different from last day we gathered together.
    But both of your look was great!
    Followed yours!

  13. i love denim vs denim looks! the denim shirt is the essentials apparels :)

    Hei Echa!