Thursday, 17 May 2012


First of all, I would like to politely remind you that what I'm going to write here is just an idea. An idea better resides as an idea.

Once, those philosophers in Greece came up with a superb idea called democracy. Imagine how great it was to have such an idea in such a monarchy and tyrannical atmosphere. Nonetheless, how's democracy become nowadays? A plain piece of rye bread served to fulfill a nasty tight diet program. Nasty, yet obliged and inevitable. That's why an idea, to stay glorious, better stays impractical.

Anyhow, this idea grows up from a sacred variable contemplated in lives and realities and surreality and connectivity named love.

They say world peace and heavenly state of mind start from learning how to love. Yes, how? Which part of love do they mean?

For me, the most basic form of love is acceptance.

We are different to each others. The matter of right and wrong is not ours to judge. We're trying too hard to invoke our beliefs, opinions, senses, and logic to measure everything and everyone around us. Even those murders, thievery, and so on and so on are actually not judgeable or talkable.

Don't judge. Don't ever be very sure that something which someone does is wrong. Don't stop someone else from being unique and different. Don't pay revenge. Don't mind about somebody else being a jerk. Don't ever fuckin care about anybody else being freak. Try to accept them as what and who they are.

Child, don't you worry 
It's enough you're growing up in such a hurry 
Brings you down the news they sell you 
To put in your mind that all mankind is a failure 
What Happens Tomorrow - Duran Duran

Ever since we were committing our first experiences in our lives, our mind has always been filled with a perspective that the world is now in chaos. We are taught that people act shit and this world is getting worse and worse. NO. This world will always be beautiful if you accept it as it is.

This is the unseen key to open a box filled with a peace of mind.

But yes darling, this idea of acceptance is somehow peculiar if it is to be employed in everyday's life. It's simply because every human being tends to protect their own being. Human tends to dominate and be dominated. They gather allies, choose enemies, and reject the minority. Nature's call.

Ultimately, we must at least try to accept that this idea is just an impracticable idea.

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  1. That idea of yours was off great point!
    Democracy indeed is really valuable. No one should care upon the decision of the other.... Yeah!

  2. very well said :)

    I'm sharing this :)

  3. You told ur piece clear and concise.
    I admire you, you talk deep:))

  4. yes I was awaiting for a post supporting this, yes acceptance is like an irreplacable foundation. It helps you grow through days, it teaches you about the human nature.

  5. another owesome writing of you. yeah, I can't agree more for what you mention in this post.

    thank you for being so supportive.
    I love your idea for making a forum to gather people and discuss atbout the idea further.
    and I still thiink about the idea what event that seems 'realistic' for us, the blogger..

  6. Very thought provoking

  7. your idea is always nice to read. and i do agree. as an individual, we should accept someone as a whole, as who they really are, not as who we wish they are. :)

    the last picture is awesome, btw! :D

  8. omg you are so genius !! i love your writing :)