Sunday, 20 May 2012

Adam. Second page of revelation.


Kate Yariv was the name of the girl. The assassin, the wingless angel, and the blackest illumination. Though Adam had never wanted to date a psychology student, he couldn’t abide not to follow his heart.

But she got her date anyway.

Five year old was the first time Adam expanded his imagination and dared to decide what he wanted to be. An astronaut that time. Adam had gotten a sort of addiction to sky and stars since the very first beginning.

The next year, he wanted to be magician. Director, architect, scientist, and video game programmer the next years afterward.

Finally in his teenage, when the visions began to penetrate his conscience, he was told to be a writer. Daydreamings struck everytime that moment on.

He tried to write and read everything. He never minded about the quarrels and hard works he had to put in. The hardest part was to endure the smirks, laughs, and unsupportive faith-temptation treatments people gave to him.

It thus bore down to one thing for Adam: a dream was rather an obligation than a right. However, everytime he tried to quit, the conspiration of an unknown entity inside his head (and chest, if he was never mistaken) never quit to drag him back.

Adam’s mom had forced him to take medicine for college. And in another story, it ended putting him studying law as a last resort.

One summer morning, from the middle of nowhere and nowhen, Adam’s sole auntie came. He was rest assured that his holiday ended right there.

His mother called him, “Get out Adam, greet Auntie Bernard!” Opening his bedroom door after several bedroom windows, he was severely gutted seeing his aunt’s son in front of the door. He thought there would be his aunt alone.


“Hi, Bernard, long time no see.” Adam greeted his brunnete aunt. “Oh, hello Adam. You’re looking very well.”

“What brings you here? A several days of Beverly-free-movement-area?”

“No, Adam, actually I am going to be very busy couple of weeks ahead, so I wonder if you can look after this little Eric for awhile.” It sounded more like an order than a request.



  1. Adam is very special, I get visions of him being very-fiction on the first part, but on this part, Adam sounds very much real. I really want to meet a real live Adam, tbh.

  2. another story of adam huh? I'm still questioning about who's adam exactly? I found out that he seems more human in this post. can't wait for the next sequel btw.

    haha, and about the link, it's available on my latest post. and about the selling thingy, we can sell it through facebook group that I've already made and donate it through IBC. that I'm still confuse about is who will manage the fund, because I'm not experienced managing sucha thing. haha. do you have any idea?

  3. thanks for your lovely comment :D
    i wonder more about adam :) LOL