Thursday, 26 July 2012


Photo by pierre Hanquin

Lately I see a lot of young (or older) people pouring their concerns toward some issues that are occurring around the world. They write things, they do speeches, and they invite people to act. It’s good.

When we talk about something concerning a society, or about the world, it might look so glorious and epic. However, the whole world comprises smaller entities. The smallest part among them all is called person. The world starts from you. It starts from me. The great world begins from the smallest individual.

As for it, I humbly think that the greatest virtue in this modern world would not be us saving it, but you saving yourself.

Photo by Adde Adesokan

A world without trouble and differences is boring. Yet a world filled with wars where innocents are suffering and when insecurity spreads sporadically can never be justified.

War however does not always mean a military or any force engagement occurring between State(s) and another State(s).

A trial in a court is a war. A war between justice and the rest off it.

When you bring a pack of cigarette at a public place, it’s a war. A war between your lust and the interests of the people around you (and actually your very own health interest).

Littering is a result of a war. A war between your ego and the environment which is the fate of those floods or other disasters’ victims.

When you’re about to murder someone, steal something, commit corruption, it’s a war. A war simply between good and evil.

When you are faced with ANY situation between two choices, it is a war.

Thus to achieve victory in any goal you’re heading to, you have to first win that smallest scaled war, the war within your mind and your heart.

Photo by Bhaskar Dutta

Caring for the society is not bad. Inspiring others is still as holy as ever. Yet, before you’re trying to invite people to act, you have to make sure that you have done something about it earlier. Try to win yourself first.

Change yourself, before even trying to change another person. Help the closest person to you, before even thinking to help a greater society. Remember, if every person in the world changes themselves, each small change will be a great change being put together.

I get this invitation from Aleena Deandra to continue a chained post about Bullying. Perhaps I would write something about it in the near future. Now and then, I have to ensure myself first that I do not bully anyone anymore.


  1. yay! always love this kind of post of yours. can't agree more that we have to take a look at our self first before invite the others to act.
    and oh, I'll look forward for your chained post btw.


  2. I must agree with the fact that a person should start from herself/himself if she or he wants to change something in the world. too bad most of the people don't think that way and act really absurdly.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  3. super agree with you! no more arguments :D

    for, everyone else, don't forget to join to win this cutest belt ever!
    xoxo, we are waiting for you participation :)

  4. U are so right, i myself is in a war right now, its ugly but thats how life works ha:))

  5. I think that the small things like that are more battles in the overall war. But I do agree with you. Everyone is so concerned about the big picture that they aren't taking time for the little things. Such as the local matters, or even smaller than that, themselves.

  6. A wise man once said, that every great invention, or discovery, or accomplishment ever made began with a single thought.

  7. I do agree with this post, we can persuade people to do something if we are still incapable with it. My favorite words "Change yourself, before even trying to change another person"

    By the way I've followed you and make a new post about denim as you told me before.. :)

  8. Very true, though I'd never really thought about it like that x

  9. thank you for your comment on my denim post, mind to follow each other?

  10. Wow. How do you do this? I mean, putting all these words together and poof! a one hell of a good article. You never fail to impress me. It definitely has a lot of sense.

    And yeah, saving one's self is one way of saving the other world. Lol, I mean, yeah? Haha. Nice!

  11. Well written =)

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  12. If life was a war, then we were all losers from the start. Triumph is granted by grace alone. Victory is not achieved but received.


    1. Supertrue, my friend. There however will be no grace without striving. Thus although they don't relate directly, trying to achieve is the previous part of receiving.

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  14. Everything is war. You have to know the rules. And then learn how to best everyone. That's life. As we know it.

  15. wow... nice post! enjoy reading it ;)

  16. I absolutely agree, the smallest things make up the world,, as the world grows, more of this type of "war" will arise,we are all living between the good and not. that is just how the world goes right?

  17. oh , haha .. I'm going to UMN at SERPONG :)
    yess, freedom ! schools are sometimes like hell . hahaha
    the subjects we do not like or teachers etc.

    and, I know, you have a great speaking talent? hahaha, your blog is full of text but all of them are a good 'speeches' :) following you :D

  18. tres bien! A blog post worth reading, in the midst of my sleepless nuit ;)