Sunday, 26 August 2012

latesummer station

Good guess. It's indeed about Owl City's new album called "The Midsummer Station" nevertheless about the latest days of summer.

We don't actually have summer in our season-list. We are forced to be thankful for having heavy humidity and hellish sun-ray piercings all-year long, not forget mentioning the flood. Humans have this sort of nature to always reproach weather wherever they live and I am an ordinary human, so save your judgment for later.

Thinking of reproaching, we are also prone to complain about the treatments which particular persons give to us. The more we regard a person as being close to us, the more we can get disappointed because of them. It then makes us disappointed not only to them, but to the whole idea of friendship and relationship.

Politics however have taught me one thing about friendship or any other relationship in real life. We do not actually need to push ourselves finding a true ally, we just have to make a good use of them as long as they're still our allies.

To make a good use does not utterly mean to take advantages from them on our behalves. It means to love and to be loved by those special persons without any regret while they're still on our sides, relishing that they might leave us someday in any way howsoever. Nothing good is eternal, and the other way around.

Since the album is not here yet, I wonder if any of you guys has put The Midsummer Station on a test. What's your favorite track?

Headphone for me is one of the most underrated items in either street style or hi-fash, worse in the latter one. Well, this WeSC's Bongo white headphone has always been a soul mate of mine since it was shipped two years ago.

As if we want people to focus on the most bottom, a not-too-vibrant maroon sneakers in this case, I decided to pull a light summer pallet all-over. Beside the white headphone, I used a grey shirt (another shipment from Scotland as a birthday present from my Aunt <3); a DIY-ed short; and a few couple of bracelets & necklaces.

Normal folks tend to relate summer to vibrant outfits. Yet again, is this too blue and not fun enough for your summer? Ha!

Anyhow, take a look at the cat we found-no, it was finding us-around the random field we're taking the photos at. He (or she, didn't check it ANYWAY) was totally having it.

photocredit: Jonathan Kristian

Currently listening to: Silhouette - Owl City ♪
♬ I'll watch the summer stars to lead me home ♬


  1. Red. I love Red <3 lol. Nice red shoes and style, anyw. Oh ya. Thanks for ur comment on my brownie post btw :D Salam Kenal!

  2. Hey jo! you know what?
    i'm laughing and typing at the same time now! first because of this "hellish sun-ray piercings all-year long, not forget mentioning the flood" sentence, the other is because of your 4th photo up there!! *scrolling up*
    i just can't stop laughing..look at your super funny face xD
    anyway i haven't listen to owl city's new album, but i directly in love with song that you post. Yes, silhouette really a good one :)
    PS: love the shoes!

  3. :Nothing good is eternal, and the other way around."
    Yep, nothing good is eternal. Even a pleasant relationship with lover or friend can end violently, or simply vanishing without traces.

    Great outfit, i like the white headphones :)


  4. I absolutely love Owl City and as much as one of my friends is looking forward to the new album, she's also a bit disappointed because she only just bought the last one, and now she has a new one to go for. I think you have a good view of how to use someone. It doesn't necessarily mean taking advantage of them.

  5. love Owl City, hope you listened to The Script's new single HALL OF FAME (you have it at my place), they are very similar in emotions and tenderness.

    Love the kitten in the pic :)
    And it's true that good things almost never last for long so we should enjoy every moment of them while we have them.

  6. read the quote thing on twitter earlier and finally understood what you meant.
    Anyway, I still love owl city no matter what and though I couldn't make it, hope you'd still go for it. Definitely worth the money dude ;)

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    Follow you back on gfc. Do you also follow me on bloglovin???
    Let me know follow you then back.
    Lovely greets Vanessa ;-)

  8. Beautiful photos! Love your converse!

  9. owl city is cool. i like them too.
    i feel for the kitty. i hope he has a home.

  10. Beautiful pictures, wish I could be in a place like that!

  11. Great blog!

    Now I following your blog and pls visit me site. If you like, follow me back ;)

  12. We do not actually need to push ourselves finding a true ally, we just have to make a good use of them as long as they're still our allies.

    very well said!:)
    being a politicians wife, i can totally relate hahaha.

  13. I like the location. it goes so well with the whole latesummer theme.
    and the photo of you and the cat is the best one.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  14. Hi! Great pictures, I don't know that there is a boy who post about fashion outfit. I love your blog.
    Thanks for leaving comment in my post

  15. Yeah... I wish summer would go on for a bit longer...

    And I'm not really a fan of Owlcity so I don't think I'll have a favorite track there. :P

  16. sampe selalu berpikir : "lucky yaa ada org yg motret in...." ke fashion that u can exist as a fashion blogger......nice shoots...

  17. hmmm christ once again you make me envy with your posting .. im really hope jakarta have place like this .HUH!!! anw christ mohon maaaf juga yaaa. foto kamu keyen"aaaahhh ..

    1. ini di pinggir jalan arah ke bandara cuyy... u just have to find the right spot! every place has its own beauty haha

  18. awesome photos! you look so cool, love your outfit ;)

  19. thanks for your lovely comment
    i love your look

  20. lol You're adorable!! Love your shirt! :D

    xo - David

    1. your blog is really really unique, i love your writings and your pictures are great! so you got yourself a new follower!

  21. The outfit is so cool""" it fits you great!!! nice shorts

  22. i do love ur red converse . cool !!
    great shoot !

    mind to follow each other? i'm ur new follower

  23. ooh awesome look! love these photos :D

  24. aaah kucingnya gemes! oh gw baru tau owl city pny lagu baru. will def check it out soon hahaha


  25. this look is the perfect combination of effortless yet it's put together.


  26. cool photos! ;D
    love the song!
    thanks for dropping by my blog ;)

  27. cool photos!!
    and awesome shoes!
    it's s o nice to meet you here,
    definitely following yu

    hope we can follow each other

  28. nice blog!
    thank for comment;-)

  29. i havent heard this album yet.. you look great :)

  30. Cool outfit, ;)

  31. sneakers ;)
    'hellish sun-ray piercings all-year long' LOL , its extra super duper hot all day long ! gotta get our sunblock ready every morning :P

  32. loving your sneakers and headphones! :)



  33. you always have cool photoshots jo.. I envy you! Great writings as usual. Your shoes is great, I love it.

  34. Love the cut offs! & of course the chucks! xx

  35. Interesting post. I couldn't stop reading but somehow I can't find the words to reply to that of yours. However, I do love the photo with the cat. It's very random.

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  37. Thanks for the comment:)
    That picture with the cat is soooo adorable *_*

  38. Thanks a lot for your comment! I liked a lot Aleph! :)
    btw, lovely blog!


  39. Thank you so much for the kind comment! Sorry for the late reply, just came back from my vacation 2 days ago. Love this look of yours!!

  40. Where is that place, Kak Jo ???
    Do you lived at Surabaya ?