Thursday, 23 August 2012

the night is the darkest before dawn

Creed is frivolous while a shot to the heart is concrete,
Mistakes are meant to be made while regrets are meant to be chosen,
I lost words while my throat is dying to yell,
The night is the darkest before dawn.

I stab my own back, He can’t take another rib,
I pour another whiteness, unconsciousness is my savior,
I’m calling out, I’m passing out,
The night is the darkest before dawn.

My sole—
temper stays composed, dignity stays clenched,
heart stays burdened, mind stays questioning,
faith stays unbroken, hope stays unstoppable,
The night is the darkest before dawn.

I kneel the whole night, I pray the hardest before dawn.

The dawn is dark,

And it rains.

Disbelief - Joshua Christian

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  1. great writings man,
    A little bit melancholic, it touches me. :')

  2. Love the photography but that poem is better! you're a great writer!

  3. your poem is great!!!

  4. the dawn is still dark,
    the rains cleansing the faint taint,
    but the sky is empty, and silence.

    disbelief is a hard phase to move on, the answer is vague, yet we have to pursue.
    great writings :)


  5. "Mistakes are meant to be made while regrets are meant to be chosen". That sentence gives me chills, you're good at writing blind sonata, Joshua!
    btw, when exactly you'll be turning 20?

    wishing you a nice day,
    My Random Thoughts

  6. thanks for the last comment on my site
    want to follow each other?


  7. Great writing dude! And love the photo <3

  8. that poem is really good... amazing!

  9. Great poem.^^
    Thanks,for your comment on my blog.
    Would you like to follow each other on BLOGLOVIN and GFC???
    Lovely greets Nessa

  10. So beautiful, Jo :)
    He who kneels before God can stand against any man


  11. Very beautiful, great writing!
    xx chris

  12. This poem made me want to live again. Very positive, and inspirational, and encouraging.

  13. Wow! my fave line is: "I lost words while my throat is dying to yell."

  14. the post' title reminds me of florence welch. shake it ouT!

  15. it's really beautiful :') how many times I read it it sure gives me chills! you're great!
    aah and thanks for the nice comment! maybe he was irresolute because of that hahaha and maybe that was the case that Jenny wasn't camera ready but whatever happened me and the other friend will keep laughing hard everytime we see the two pics! :D

  16. oh wow, another poem that send me chills, I love how you blend in the dramatic implementations and the honest reality. perfection.

    *email credits goes to me*