Monday, 25 June 2012

i need no condolence

World never resembles truth
As water is a clean reflection
My gratitude keeps saving my attitude
I am swollen

They tell me things I want to hear
I feel sorry for them
I need no lie
Though I need confidence

Time is running out
My skin is aching
My nights are sleepless
This man is worried

I am fatigued
Of being elusive
It is too much
Of being a salvation

Waves of the green,
Reflection of the blue,
Supremacy of the purity,
Draw me deep.

Let me be.
Do not pick me up.
I am your enemy.

Swollen - Joshua Christian 

photocredit: Reinhardt Kenneth
track his talent on:

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  1. I love the poem, but you shouldn't refuse help, even from an enemy. Forgive your enemies, nothing infuriates them more.

  2. took my breath away *rihanna's skin playing on the background*
    aww the second pic is one of my favorites, it's how the fishermen actually walk on the ocean and I think like does stuff with the speed boats, anyways, iya masih unyu2 :D:D

    this is too good omg, I thought it will be that cliche love quote, it turned out to be beautifully painful, aching inside?;(

  3. you such a talented poet ;)
    super love the second pic *poke kenneth* hahaha
    nice post jo :D

  4. Beautiful!!


  5. Beautiful words, I can identify with those inner frustrations and the images are fantastic visual aids.

    Fi x

  6. "My gratitude keeps saving my attitude." Amen to that.

    Quiet Luxury

  7. cute photography!

    I want to invite you to join the RIRE giveaway on my blog

  8. where is it anyway? its look so beautiful :)

    1. To answer Lucca as well: Thai beaches. My lovely friend Ken just had a vacation there & brought these surreal pic :)

  9. I can feel every words of the poem..

    You're so talented. Well written..

    As for the photo. Gosh. It's amazing.

  10. You are the most talented person i ever know! Seriously.:))

    1. I am pretty sure you have not known Adam Young from Owl City ;) but thank you very berry muchhh, this has made my heart blush all around.

  11. so these photos are Kenneth's gift from Thailand huh? haha. it look so beautiful indeed.
    your poet is always sounds mysterious, I love every verse of it. and I wonder why, kok jago banget bikin puisi inggris sih? dulu kursus dimana sebenernya. haha


    1. I brought jo a couple of more stuff but I forgot to give it to him earlier haahha.
      kursusnya dihati ku donggg

    2. yeah, Ken's one of the best. thank you, kursus dihati Ken tuh hahaha banyak2 baca aja, sama sering2 bikin.

    3. so, Kenneth opening an english course on his heart huh? haha, Ken is kinda funny btw.
      you're a great learner then. Good luck for your extra-lesson. wish it will run well.

  12. like the others already said, you're definitely talented!
    I usually don't read poems but this one here caught my eye since it's really good.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  13. i like so much this blog every time better!

  14. you are so good with words! I bet girls will be swept off their feet :)

    these pics are gorge!!

    The Sweetest Escape 

  15. Great poem. If you have problems, share it to others to release your stress. Remember that no man is an island, so we need a hand or shoulder to lean and to share whatever problems we have. This is needed especially when we loss someone we love. People will send you condolence message to express their sincere and somehow it may relieve your pain and feel that you are cared by everyone.