Tuesday, 3 July 2012

summer goes on, so does exam

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Everybody seems to be having a (or some) vacation at the current weeks. Talking about vacation and travelling, I never like driving cars or riding bikes on my own but I always cherish every moment of traveling. I enjoy trips. For what reason?

First, I have a kind of strange addiction to sky and everything on its being. Being in a vehicle or on the back of a bike never ceases to give me the best moment and feeling of gazing at the moving sky.

Second, I love watching different persons doing different things. Only travelling provides you that much. The internet merely shows what pleases the society, enough said.

Third, I am very sensitive with smell. I can even remember the smell of banyan trees of my elementary school and bird's shit of my childhood neighbour's birds cage. I easily relate smell with memories and reveries. 

Lastly and the most importantly, a trip is one of the best moments of listening to music.

On the other way around, there are also music which shall be best listened to while being on trips.

Here Comes The Sun - The Beatles (3:06)
Walk - Foo Fighters (4:16)
Umbrella Beach - Owl City (3:51)
Like A Rolling Stone - Bob Dylan (6:08)
Love Is A Verb - John Mayer (2:31)
Sunset 1989 - Swimming With Dolphins (3:17)
Homesick - Kings of Convenience (3:19)
Eat That Up, It's Good For You - Two Door Cinema Club (3:44)
This Charming Man - The Smiths (2:44)
Flightless Bird, American Mouth - Iron & Wine (4:05)
Wheels - Jamie Cullum (3:43)
Rock n Roll - Skrillex (4:49)

playlist name:
drown in trips like summer never ends (45:33)

I am looking forward to my own holiday though, it'll be able at this very weekend as my last exam will be done on Friday.

A good news is when I (and some other fellow bloggers) got another sponsor which is a superb pair of flip-flops from Brazilian Havaianas. Mine is a pair of black with some exceptional print. The print of the leaves leaves me with nothing else but an adventurous summeric feeling, so if you're wondering how I would style them, you can track it on the next posts or....

photo by Photographic Sense

... On this Saturday of July 7th, there will be another party thrown at ORE Premium Store for the launching of Havaianas and I shall happily wear this item there astyled. If you, by any chance, are around the city, happily come by and let's tear our hips apiece!

P.S: Don't forget to dress tropically!

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  1. I love your statement of disliking of traveling, but again, you were raised as your family moved around. and your welcome on the sandals, but you love my undone bed.

  2. so nice joc you got sponsor hehee

  3. Seems like you enjoyed your trip. traveling is one activity I always wanted to have.. Its so nice to be with people who are worth accompanying..

    Listening to music is my hobby also. ;-)

  4. Good luck with that last exam :) I'm going on vacation myself next month. I can enjoy trips, there is plenty to see and do, but sometimes other passengers can kind of ruin it for you.

  5. Congratulations on getting a new sponsor, have fun on your trip and all the best in your exams!!


  6. nice post ☺
    good luck for your exams

    .stranger madness.

  7. Nice post dear! I love summer feeling ^^ I think I need to buy new havaians hehehe :)

    Join Oasap super giveaway, win beautiful dress, open worldwide. Click here (•˘⌣˘•)
    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  8. Good luck with the exam, the Beatles are truly epic! :) x

  9. Good luck with your exam! I love the song Walk by the Foo Fighters!

  10. I love travelling same as much I love chocolates but chocolates are way too cheaper and affordable. Hehe

    If I have plenty of money? I'd travel it everywhere in the world.

    First stop would be? Japan! Haha


    Have fun with your summer. Unfortunately, our summer was over month ago. Ugh! Haha

    Re your comment: yeah. I've been using my phone to blog and maybe it's a bug or idk. Haven't seen my supposed to be published post when I check it on my pc.

  11. I love the crumbled sheets.
    And im a fan of brazilian hava, I still use my first pair bought 5 years ago:))

  12. Love the sandales ! your blog is great !
    would you like to follow each other ?

  13. I love Jamie Cullum. He popped up on my shuffle playlist last night! Great post.

    Quiet Luxury

  14. joshhh thank you for sweet birthday wishes , btw successes for your exam .hihi btw love your new sandals


  15. hi, thanks for your comment. i'm following you now also. :)


  16. Hi joshua, really enjoyed reading this post. If you're interested we could follow each other? I've just started a travel blog and always welcome feedback :)