Wednesday, 20 June 2012

chin up

The first question to answer, what do you think life is?

Some say souls are born in the wombs. The rest says that life just begins when the baby breathes their first oxygen. But anyhow, it doesn't matter.

The ways people die also vary. The reasons people die may be glorious, tragic, or ridiculous. And anyway, it doesn't matter as well.

Life is not about how it begins or where it ends, but everything in between.

So what is the point of having it then? There are too many tears for it to be considered a mere gift. It is also a lie when you say life is not beautiful.

No matter what, while you're reading it, it means you have life and please do realize that you ARE alive.

The second question to think about, what do you want to achieve in life?

Different person wants different fame, wealth, happiness, and virtues. Thus the definition of "success" is subjective. 

How do you rate success?  For me, I just want to make this life worth it.

I chase dreams, I always do. I once said that by only chasing dreams, I already succeed in the term of dreaming. Achieving them is an utter grace we can never complain about.

And here is my dream: my life will only be worthy when I take on my passion to the fullest. I have to write books, songs, and signature on my very own clothing line. I have to leave a message through them, I have to be remembered that I have ever been in the middle of humanity and do something memorable and remarkable for the sake of people and myself.

When I die one day, people must remember me as the man who never ceases for what he believes in.

So what about you? What do you want to do?

To suffer and sacrifice in the purpose of other people's happiness, if it is worthy, why not?

To seek living for yourself, if it is worthy, why not?

To seek glory and fame for your family, if it is worthy, why not?

To do everything in the name of art, if it is worthy, why not?

Or not to seek anything in life, just "let it flow", if it is worthy, why not?

Look into your heart, think about it, make sure if it IS worth living for.

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The final question to face, what are you doing currently with your life? 

Whatever your answer is (you can clench it in your heart or shout it out loud), stay proud of it.

Chin up, you're not alone and NOTHING is ever absolutely wrong or late.

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  1. I think you have a good outlook on life really. What I would class as a successful life is to find love, and maybe raise a few kids. I would like money sure, who wouldn't, but I don't want to let it control me. I want to be able to think to myself "I have enough." but I also never want contention. When you are content with life, it is boring.

    1. I think you and I are the same type based on the last two sentences ;)

  2. When i was a kid i wanted to be a teacher, so i can trch unfortunate children in remote areas of the philippines where education is not accessible. How heroic.
    But im now 30 and haven't had the courage to go for step 1.

  3. What beautiful words, that is so inspirational! A life without dreams is a very poor life and I hope you achieve your ambitions.

    Love from London.


  4. for me life is like something you do before you die. I really don't ask myself that but I had some thoughts about it :)

    and now, I'm just a lazy bum but as you said, chin up! ^_^

    this post made me feel better of myself somehow :)

    -sharing :)

  5. so I would like to buy your first book then. You're a great writer btw.
    and this kind of post is my favorite typical post of yours. keep writing!

  6. so you didn't end up finding a pict at my page lol, fyi, ive got tons of pics you requested on my laptop now, will email you soon. I love this post, same as your dreams, I want to live my dream eventhough it's on photography and stuff. Never be afraid to dream and succeed, and will totally buy your book and album and stuff

  7. Nice thought
    Stay positive jo! :)
    Actually I clench that words in my heart.
    But my hand shout it out loud though my lip is closed.
    LOL ^^

  8. this post is really inspiring. because i think life is a gift from God and we shouldn't waist it. but your questions made me realized something. thx for posting!