Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Adam. Third page of revelation.

Night was never old. Adam would rather not complain about the inability to turn his mind off in night times. He'd rather serenade himself before the night sky and stars. But there was this little monster in every humans heart which destructive power was unstoppable.

Some simply called it loneliness. The others judged it to be a psychological wall. And the luckiest ones just regarded it as a futile emotion. Eventhough Adam realized that he might only have been infected by songs, books, and  televisions too much, he still humbly thought that romance was the only liberation.

And that night would have been just another insomniac lone hours until Eric came. A sight of Eric did not taste as horrible it had used to do. When it comes to being unwantedly alone, anyone is expected.

"Adam, I can't sleep."

"Neither I can."

"May I sit with you?"

"Pick a guitar, we''ll hit the garden."

Adam remembered when he almost got caught masturbating by his mom because of Eric. The memory when Eric had destroyed his entire football career in school did not fade away. Adam would also never forget how Eric had deleted hundreds of draft pages of the only book Adam had ever written.

"Hey Adam, don't you think the more we grow up, the more love is being overrated?"

"Come on dude, you're sixteen. Pull that shit off and pick another song."

"But Adam, I used to think that love was something good. It was until I know that love made my classmate's sister slice her own hand and died."


"Adam, tell me more about Kate Yariv."


  1. I need a book about this adam, he sounds like your son.
    oh and eric sounds like a very close friend who's crappy but will always be there for you

  2. Love is one of the worst and best emotions there is. It can cause people to do great good, or great evil. It is also one of life's most precious joys. It's just so polarizing really.

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  4. it sounds eerie but beautiful
    i have just followed your blog too

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  5. nice post :) thanks for sweet comment too and i followed you.

  6. Not gonna lie, but I'm not a huge fan of reafing fiction book hehehe but thank you for the little sneek peak anyway, Chris! And yes of course, I wanna say thank you for being so welcoming about me coming to town, it means A LOT to me. :)

  7. Unfortunately I'm not a blackberry user, but of course I'd love to keep in touch with you guys anyhow though..

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    Hope it helps :)

  9. well, I getting curious about the next sequel