Friday, 5 August 2011


I stood up and took a breath
And threw open the bay doors
Below the clouds I saw the coast
And beautiful Hawaii
Sky Diver - Owl City

Stars and their sky, sun and her moon, birds and songs, pair by pair

All alone I am, still the coast is a jealous partner

In swirling wind, there’s nothing I can’t bear

Monstrous ships are things I’m bound to lift

Toast me, I won’t burn

Freeze me, I’ll keep dancing

Blaze your ocean eyes and set your surreality, lest I’ll swallow you in the untold adjudication

Pray me a prayer, tell your gods I need wings

I need to see what’s behind those mountains, who’s whispering my name, a romantic scene I would never have

I need to look beyond the sky, I need to jump over a vessel, I’m a curious kind

When my days are over, bury me in your memory and never regret

Because what’s done is done

We will only see a future

And experience what survives in the present

Sea (What We Have Done) - Joshua Tjandra

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