Saturday, 13 August 2011

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You should know up front that my favourite genre of music is electronica and alternative rock. My favourite artist is Owl City, followed by Coldplay.


Maybe this is the most "conventional" electronica music I've ever heard. They less use the computer and those synth-tunes. Mostly they use enchanting enhanced guitar effect, especially in the distortion motion. That's what amazing, those unsophisticated guitar effects can produce the electro-dance outcome. The progressive bass rythm is noticable as well.

Recommended song: Eat That Up, It's Good For You; Something Good Can Work; Undercover Martyn; You're Not Stubborn; Come Back Home  

Okay, Owl City. People have been wondering when I tell them this is the best musician in my life. So what's the reason?

Lots of people say that Adam Young needs more dimension for the songs are just so typical. But I don't say he would, because this is Owl City, this is how the songs should ACTUALLY go: the rambling but very beautiful lyrics, the painless but emotional melodies, the surreal synthesizing, and everything is just as bright and happy and pretty! To conclude, Owl City knows no pain nor heartache, it heals them.

Owl City heals my heart whenever I need a remedy.

Recommended songs: every single song of Owl City! hahaha


It pains me to live in a neighborhood where people hardly recognize that this band exists in the world. The band is from United Kingdom and the genre is quite unique. It's electronica definitely, but to be included as a electropop is not just right. The melody is not pop-typical and the synthesizing tune is kinda "noisy" and "dreamy" that some people call this kind of music dreampop.

The "song of my life" is Delphic's, it's Red Lights.

Recommended songs: Doubt; This Momentary; Red Lights; Acolyte; Counterpoint; Remain

If your mom & dad got style, ask them about a-ha. The band was just retiring last year after having 25 tremendous years all over the earth with two major labels.

They are Norwegians and the front-man is the keyboardist, Magne Furuholmen. Let me tell you pals, this man is truly a LEGEND in music chronicles!

I can't believe sometimes that those legendary melodies such as in "Take On Me", "Stay on These Roads", "Scoundrel Days" were once created by only ten fingers of a man.

And if you're limiting yourself not to listen to oldies, they have a new album which was released in 2009 called Foot of The Mountain, they wrote more modern version of music there.

Recommended songs:
Take On Me; Scoundrel Days; Forever Not Yours; Summer Moved On; Analogue; Foot of The Mountain; The Bandstand; AND TOO MANY MORE :P

So, tell me, what's your music? ;)

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