Tuesday, 2 August 2011

A story of a man and a little girl (sheet 1)

Once upon a time, at a small town in the medieval age, there lived a man. He was a carpenter.

It was near Christmas when a girl came to his workshop, he was busy making the last pieces of sword hilts. He saw the girl and asked her if she got lost. The girl shook her head. He asked again where her parents were, no response. Then it took a few seconds before the man asked, “Are you hungry?” The girl nodded her head.

They sat together and the man gave him a piece of meat. The girl only stared at it, didn’t have the intention to grab it at all. The man understood. She didn’t eat meat, so he gave her a piece of bread instead.

“Why people nowadays are irritating themselves in avoiding eating meat?” the man asked, intentionally to himself. 

“Because killing animals to eat meat is wrong. They had had souls just before they died. They could talk, they could run, they could breathe just like we do,” the little girl surprisingly answered. The adult man was about to apologize if he might have offended whatever the girl believed in, before the girl added, “you’re making sword hilts, Sir. What do you think sword is used for beside hunting fawns and boars? To slaughter our very mankind, Sire.”

“What do you mean?” the man questioned.

“That means we are never in our place to judge what is right and what is wrong. You can see that me not eating meat is strange and wrong, and on the other hand, me seeing you making sword hilt is likely vicious and thoughtless. But you’re having your own reason to make it right?” 

There was a moment of pause and the man answered in hesitate, “To feed my wife and daughter.”

“Indeed, sir. So actually what matters is what we believe in and how strong we believe in that. Doing right or wrong is the matter we do it wholeheartedly or not, don’t doubt in whatever you do,” the girl rose, picked the meat, bit it, and went out the garage. “See you tomorrow!” she waved her hand and smile.

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