Tuesday, 14 February 2012

cloudied head

Sky never warms up, like a rod roasting up
Look it on and burn it on
Dear blasphemy, she's not your enemy
Rain and pain
Tone in the name of lone
Cast a dove and spell our love

I'll turn black someday, embrace me.

Skythm-Joshua Christian


It's Valentine's night here & 1 more hour to its end. A monitor up front, guitar & drink beside me.
And uhh..
Oh hey! It's been a long time since I posted a word.
Suppose the hectic months are fading away. Do I have a lot of stories regarding these past months?
YES! Absolutely. Some moments were unforgettable. I've no idea if words could comply.
I wish I could just pluck a string from my mind and connect it to a loudspeaker that world would know how magnificent my life has been.


See you soon in the upcoming posts, promise it will take no time for the next one.
How have you been in the last last few months? Drop by and share me something! 

Up In The Stars / Swimming With The Dolphins


  1. All you really need on V-Day is beer and guitars. Lovely poem btw :)

  2. it was long time I didn't see you around. what's up dude?
    thank's for such a lovely comment. can't wait for your next post. :)

  3. whoa. it's been a while. hehe..nice post you have there. happy valentines..

    re your comment: too bad there's no sweet moments after the tour and it's not finish yet, hehe..still have one more to go. :D