Friday, 17 February 2012

a story of a man and a little girl (sheet 3)

They should have reflected on the puddles around them, relishing the pouring rain. None would even care when a messenger from the King came down with his white horse.

“I would join it.”
“Don’t be stupid, that would be a journey to the death.”

“Glory and honour will be preserved!”
“Race to the High Castle!”

“I can’t believe it’s happening again.”
“I don’t want my son to pursue his dad’s vivid but reckless ambition.”

Similar conversations floated around the market that afternoon. The man headed back home. He said nothing to no one—until he met with the little girl again, up on a bridge.

“Hello again little lovely.”
“Good day, Sir. I bet you are in a huge trouble right now.”

“Aye Sir, you are. There must be a massive battle in your heart regarding that errantry.”

A black flightless bird was hopping on the rim of the bridge and the little girl picked it. There was unstoppable bleeding around its wings.

“Poor little bird. It won’t be a safe journey, right  Sir? Are you not afraid?”
“Risk. It’s always there as long as our feet step on this very ground.”

“But why? Your life is and shall be just fine without any of this,” her voice accompanied the last drop of cold water which was falling silently.
“I do not have any particular reason. Why should we have one? There can always be regret in all decision we make. All we need to do is following our heart. It will loosen the burden and sweep our regret away when the time of our own judgment comes.

Before they finally parted, the grey haired man thanked the little girl for a ring inside the package she had gifted him.

“It’s nothing, Ser. But if I could just ask one thing, do you really love your wife and daughter?
“I did.”

She smiled and turned away.

“Wait,” the man’s trembling voice stopped her. “I still do.”

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  1. That was great :) some good lines too. I liked the one about risk being there as long as we're here.