Friday, 23 March 2012

a story of a man and a little girl (sheet 4 - final)

The sail set high and everyone on board was ready to sail the new adventure away. Something bothered the man that day. It was not about the departure, it was about the little girl. It had been some time since the last time he saw her.

He looked at the ring again, but it was a total different feeling compared to the first time he had received it back.

That little girl would not appear anymore, she had been around those times just to deliver the message. That ring. The brown-bearded man then would have still forgotten how to live a life for the rest of his days if it wasn't for that ring. His wedding ring.

If, additionally, it wasn't for that little ghost daughter of his.

He realized that nothing would really be gone. When something is lost from our sight, it will remain somewhere else as love remains in our hearts and memories in our minds.

He had once thrown his wedding ring away to destroy everything that could have fabricated a way leading to the terrible memory of his past. He had tried to wait until he could forget everything that happened to his wife and daughter.

But time will tell us nothing. Time will heal nothing. Time only brings a beginning and an end. The rest in between is ours to decide and take part.

There's nothing time could do for our past, none should be forgotten and none should be regretted. Life goes on. Everyone and everything else needs us. We exist and remain on the earth because it's meant to be.

The man tossed the ring to the blue of the sea, not to destroy his memory again, but to cherish it and let the sea remind him of his family that lives in his heart.


  1. That was a really beautiful end :) As long as we hold things in our hearts they are never truly gone.

  2. omg, such a great story. I didn't read another sheet but this ending sheet is really awesome.
    the man won't destroy the memory but to cherish it and let the sea remind him of his beautiful love story..
    You really good at writing, dude. :)


  3. such a great story :)
    follow you back joshua :) nice to know you


  4. such a great story jo ! and ive followed you back alright :D

  5. Agreed, what happens in the middle is up to us, great write.

  6. Greaaat. Now I'm gonna read the other sheet! :)

  7. I must agree..Time will heal nothing :(

    -let me share this on fb :)

  8. Berry, berry beautiful, brotha! (:

    1. hey beautiful!! don't forget to strike down HK & the VIS-er or whatsoever haha remember "dreams don't turn to dust"

  9. so beautiful, and it is ultimately up to us, to make things happen or not happen, thanks for sharing the post!

    love from the Nana girls xoxo

  10. thank you uda komen di blog kuu.. tetep semangat menulis yak! :)

  11. what a great story :)
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  12. Thanks for ur comment on my blog :)
    Waw, ur such a good story teller :)
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    Fahmy Haryandi, "The Whisperer"

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  14. Wow, going to read other sheet, thanks for sharing, and for the previous post, I'm going to buy a Levi's to my dear :) thanks for sharing again!

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