Thursday, 13 September 2012

Adam. Fifth page of revelation.

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Surrendering to the dim illumination of the moonlight, they both followed the traces. The traces had been randomly left. There were some shining drawings painted on living logs, there were the weird noises moving from one place to another in a particular line, and there was  one time when a rabbit suddenly appeared from nowhere. Adam and Eric could not refuse the temptation to follow the rabbit (which stopped sometimes, waiting for them to catch up).

Both of them desired nothing. They would pursue anything but discomfort. They had had their adventure. They'd been restless for nightsnot to exclude that nightbecause of the clues. They were however moved to obey an unexpressed command erupting from their hearts. There would be no regrets.

Until they arrived at the latest row of trees at the very east side of the forest.

It was a lavender field they finally encountered. Fireflies danced innocently everywhere. The stars smiled helplessly from above. The moon-shone violet field was very wide that they could not see the edge on the other side. Paradise above hell. Heaven on earth. An utter blessing. 

Adam and Eric spent minuteif not hours already, being spellbound made them unaware how time countedacting nothing but thanking heaven and earth for that wondrous sight. The field was not made. The pattern of the growth was quite random that it was able to be concluded as a natural, Godly-created lavender garden. Like a normal person, occupied with greed and ego, they first wondered whether they were the first persons discovering the site.

A hint of movement from a few hundred yards away interrupted their spiritual moment.

They threw glance to that way in no second. An unexpected sight of a girl. Floral dress and flowery circle right on her hair. She danced.

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  1. You (and Reinhardt) delight me with your imagination and creativity. Even, or especially, when being cheeky.

    I can't wait to see what you become, even as you are becoming.

  2. Well I guess that means that they weren't the first people there, but it does sound like a lovely site.

  3. That was very beautifully written. I can't wait to find out what happens next. The appearance of the "girl" has sparked my interest.

  4. the part on the lavender field (!!!) and listening to the music really helps in building the visualization of your writing. it's beautiful :)

  5. Sounds lovely, you´re good doing this kind of jobs! Love the part of the lavender fields *___*

  6. the part of the lavender fields! stole my attention :')


  7. lavender fields, I've always had a thing for those, maybe we can visit it, mr.?
    tbh, I've always loved the color the lavender gives, sadly we live in Indonesia *crays*
    I am in love with the part of the girl dancing in floral and under the moonlight, I visualize her to be rather skinny, pale, and glimmering under the moonlight, she is a blonde, I visualize her to be a nymph-actually. lovely post, It caught me in a wonderland feeling, I once followed a cat into a large well, actually, and the place was like when alice and the jabberwock fought. you can have unexpected adventures, mister

  8. great pos josh,
    i wish someday i could go to lavender field because of this post :)

  9. your writing has always been magical and beautiful in my own imagination, hope you can be a writer someday! <3 well, idk if there would be a lavender field in my city, i think they will soon get damaged after it was planted :P

    Letters To Juliet

  10. Loving the words, sentences and the description.
    Penuh majas.

    waaaa waaaa..
    I wish one day could write this kind of post.
    Very touchy. and.. beautiful :')

    The lavender part...