Thursday, 19 December 2013

seven days breathing Jess

Shed a tear on shallow mahogany
Weed some extraction of the life itself
Wear a golden pot on the top of the agony
Save your life from the life itself

I shed a pain on a thought of you
I smoke my life out when I think of you
I hate myself most when I have everything but you
I have to save myself from losing you

Rest me down under the sky candles
Lay me down in a house by the hill
Dance me down upon melted strawberries
Trace me down beneath the untold skies

I was skiing on the whole island and back
I was wandering through the fire and rejuvenated
I was kissing the seven maverick atmospheres
I was the happiest creature in the history of time

"Missing" - Joshua Tjandra
photograph: sandulay


  1. Great post! Loving the picture<3
    Thanks for your comment on my blog! (:

  2. The bliss of having a poet boyfriend :* I love you!

  3. greaaaat post! hahaha. :D
    love it <3

  4. Great post! Love the strawberry photo :)