Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Adam. Sixth page of revelation.

photo by Kaytee Callahan
This post is the sequel of Adam. Fifth page of revelation.


The curve under her nose proved that hidden treasure in the world was still worth seeking for, never had Adam imagined something so mesmerizing before. No words were bought between them yet the gentle gesture of the flowery attired girl was flowing beautifully as if she were dancing. The gap between them was only a few yards and Adam could live forever watching such a show.

The girl started to keep a distance. Adam looked around, “Eric?” There was no clue if there had been anyone else in the field but the enticing girl and him. Fireflies entailed the trace of the escaping girl and between her hasty steps she glanced back invitingly to Adam. He was overpowered and followed her.

If there is such a moment when the silver lining between hallucination and reality doesn’t exist anymore, the scene in front on Adam when he was chasing the girl is one. It was when the colours of the galaxies did not commensurate with the technicolour dust around the air. The sparkling fireflies danced to the rhythm of his heart beats. Cold sweats on his lips tasted sweeter than any potion ever brewed. Little wings grew invisibly from his feet.

Adam was so high that he felt like touching ground no more until a rock tackled his left foot. He fell and collapsed.


Massive attack of sunlight successfully put Adam on his feet from his bed. He bore down the ache inside his head to the dining table where he saw Eric and his mom were busy searching meatballs beneath pasta.

Having joined the silent breakfast, Adam couldn’t help but to throw some suspicious glance at Eric. When her mom finished and there were only both of them there, Adam burst out, “Hey, why did you suddenly disappear last night?”

“What are you talking about, Adam?”

Adam’s mouth was opened as wide as his eyes, “In the lavender field. We were seeing this kind of,” he took time to digest his own words, “girl. And you were just suddenly gone!”

“Lavender field? Girl? Last night? We were playing Skyrim, brother.”

“Wha-?” Adam was thrown back to his seat. He squeezed his ratiocination and tried to find something to believe in—or something that could make him believe in himself.




  1. well I'm left wondering where this is going to lead now. Was it all just a dream?

  2. So talented ;)

  3. somehow Adam is reminding of you, somehow Eric relates to your cousin, there's something so beautiful about the dream that drifts you away to this world, the world you want to belong in. and the first picture is so Lana Del Rey.

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  5. you are surrounded by such talented people

  6. Sounds like one of the dreams I have, and then I wake up, and I am back in my crappy poop filled hideous excuse for a life. But on the up side, at least the spaghetti and meatballs were real... or were they??

  7. Omg <3 im wonderin..

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